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Terribly shocking experience- don't go!!
We had the unfortunate experience of trying this retardant yesterday 30th December. The food was average at best with the prices over the top. Expect to pay almost R100 for a plain hamburger...

The service on the other hand was even worse. No management and shocking behavior from staff left a bad feeling for most of our group of 15 that had booked a table.

We noted a number of other patrons eventually just stand up and leave due to little to no service.

Then to top of uh is shocking event a pair of sunglasses were stolen out a handbag. After an extensive search nothing was found. Then we advised the waiter that the sunglasses would be of no use to anyone else as they had prescription lenses. Amazingly the glasses then appeared.....

Don't go to this restaurant as it's all round horrible :(

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